Winter Greenhouse Maintenance Need to Pay Attention to What

Greenhouse in the snowy weather to increase heating, if necessary, to open the inner thermal screen to quickly raise the temperature inside the greenhouse to speed up the bottom of the top of the snow melting speed; in the snow, the non-heated greenhouse need to use temporary heating equipment, Such as hot air, hot stove, or any other measures can play a warming effect, in order to enhance the temperature inside the greenhouse.

Multi-span greenhouses in the removal of roof snow at the same time, we must also pay attention to the snow on the side of the clean-up, do not form too much pressure on the side; snow too thick will directly affect the light transmittance of the greenhouse, for some hi light plants, be sure Take some necessary fill light measures, such as turning on the light, etc .; due to the special nature of the snow, it is likely to cause abnormal temperature and humidity in the greenhouse, try to handle the hand held observation, from time to time to carry out the necessary adjustments.

Snow during artificial regular and timely clean-up of the top of the greenhouse snow, minimize the accumulation of snow to reduce the pressure on the structure; to always pay attention to gutter and gutter on both sides of the snow should not be too much. Snow removal, do not use sharps, so as not to scratch the covering material; snow removal staff to walk along the gutter, is strictly prohibited to step on the top cover material.

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