What Are the Types of Greenhouse

  • Safety type
    Environmental safety type greenhouse is a physical plant protection technology, environmental control technology, biological control technology as the core, can not use pesticides or other chemicals to control plant diseases and insect pests, and can protect plants from harsh climatic and physiological disorders and closed plant rearing facilities. The environmental safety greenhouse is mainly divided into two categories: physical plant protection greenhouse and environmental control greenhouse. The former focuses on the configuration of physical control facilities for plant diseases and insect pests during the whole growth period. The latter is the control of pests and diseases, physiological barriers, the growth of the environment are controlled greenhouse.
  • Physical greenhouse
    Physical protection type greenhouse by physical plant protection technology integration system as the core design of plant protection facilities, namely soil pest control design for continuous cropping obstacle electric treatment mode, on the part of the air borne disease prevention set for electricity in addition to the prevention and control of greenhouse fog preventing diseases and promoting growth of space electric field control model system, flying insects set for light color, double dielectric model, combined with the killing of insect net spider mites in biological control mode or perilla anti mite mode.
  • Control type
    Environmental control greenhouse is based on physical plant greenhouse, supplemented by temperature, light, carbon dioxide concentration control mode of greenhouse, the greenhouse can not only ensure the plant growth period of plant diseases and insect pests without pesticides control can also ensure that still can grow or even seedling seedlings ensure cloudy or extreme weather conditions. The growth environment of auxiliary facilities include hot stove or soil heating wire or wet curtain, electric field generating system, light and carbon dioxide enrichment system, the space electric field generating system in addition to prevention of air borne disease but also the plant photosynthesis regulation, photosynthesis can enhance plants in low light environments.
  • Sun room
    The front slope surface is covered with insulation at night, and the East, the West and the north side are the single slope surface plastic greenhouses for enclosing walls. The prototype is single slope greenhouse, slope before glazing material in plastic instead of glass is evolved for greenhouse early. Solar greenhouse is characterized by good insulation, low investment and energy saving, which is very suitable for the use of less developed rural areas in china.
    Performance of solar greenhouse
    Light energy saving solar greenhouse rate is above 60%~80%, the internal and external temperature difference can be maintained at 21~25 degrees celsius.
    • Sunlight greenhouse
      On the one hand, solar radiation is the most important source of energy to maintain the temperature of the greenhouse or keep the balance of heat.
    • Greenhouse insulation
      The thermal insulation of solar greenhouse is composed of two parts: thermal insulation and thermal insulation. The front slope of the insulation material should use flexible materials to be easily after sunrise, sunset down.

    The research and development of the new type of thermal insulation materials for the front roof mainly focus on the requirements of mechanical operation, low price, light weight, aging resistance, water resistance and other indicators.

    Solar greenhouse is mainly composed of retaining wall, roof and front roof is composed of three parts, referred to as the "three elements" in greenhouse, the roof is all greenhouse lighting, lighting during the day time before the roof is covered by plastic film only when the outdoor lighting, light weakened, timely use of movable insulation covered by plastic film, insulation to strengthen the greenhouse.

    The greenhouse can also be equipped with the top window system, the film system, etc.

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