Ventilation Management of Mobile Nursery Greenhouse in Spring

  1. The spring breeze more wind vents

    Increase the density of moving ropes in mobile nursery greenhouses, and it is best to use a wide cloth with large friction, and the friction force is large when fixing the shed film. Many vegetable plots facilitate the use of nylon ropes as windproof ropes. Because the friction force is relatively small, the vegetable grower should properly increase the density of the nylon rope and fix it. Together, the vegetable farmers should also pay attention to checking at any time in the breeze climate to avoid loosening the wind rope and closing the tuyere.

  2. The crown is not the same, the size of the outlet is different

    The size of the spring tuyere cannot be completely defined by a certain data. Because the structure of the mobile seedbed greenhouse is not the same, the cooling time and speed are not the same. In a large greenhouse with a large crown, hot air flow is simply discharged along the upper part of the greenhouse film, and even if the air outlet is small, a good air release effect can be achieved. In the dwarf old shed with a long cultivation period, due to the small arch of the greenhouse and the relatively flat roof, the hot air flow in the shed is discharged from the air outlet slowly, and the temperature inside the shed is high. Under normal circumstances, such a greenhouse will open the top vent to a width of 40 centimeters wide, and it will be the same as the venting effect of a 30 cm wide tuyere with a high height and a large crown.

  3. The wind direction is not the same, the size of the air outlet at both ends of the studio is not the same

    When weeding the westerly wind, the vegetables on the west side of the mobile seedbed canopy are repelled by the gables. The heat in the shed is relatively less and the temperature is higher. When the air is released, we should pay attention to increase the air outlet on the west side of the greenhouse. The vents are reduced. When scraping the spring breeze, the vents on the east side of the greenhouse should be widened. When the temperature in the afternoon shed falls, if it is a westerly wind, the outlet on the east side of the shed should be closed first, and the outlet on the west side of the shed should be left with a gap. When the south wind or the winter wind is blown, the vents at the east and the west ends of the greenhouse can be opened to the size. According to different wind directions, the size of the air outlets at both ends of the greenhouse can be properly adjusted to ensure that the temperatures in the greenhouse can be kept together to promote the simultaneous growth of vegetables.

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