The Value of Technology on Hydroponic Technology

  • High added value of science and technology
    Practical flower rapid culture techniques is based on scientific practice and perfect summary, with unique technology, high practicability, strong operability.
  • Less investment, high efficiency
    Do not need tedious preparation cycle, can be put into operation after the bus training. The initial investment is only less than ten thousand yuan, you can establish a production and sales of one-stop production and sales entity.
  • High ornamental value
    In general, the vast majority of plant species, only 5-30 days were improved, then the successful cultivation of the market and sales.
    Hydroponics with exquisite vases, flowers, foliage can also enjoy the growth process of the plant world unique ornamental value of the root but also can raise a few fish in the transparent vase, forming intricate tangled roots in water, fish leisurely the unique flavor of Chang Yu, the beautiful scenery......
  • Broad market prospects
    Due to the unique technology, high ornamental value and the market is almost in a blank state, basically no competitors. Waterflower product price is the ordinary similar potted flowers several times or even more than 10 times.

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