Technical Measures for Nursery Management of Mobile Seedbed

Mobile seedling cultivation of strong seedlings is the basis for high yield of vegetables, pay attention to the following operations:

  1. Seed selection and disinfection. To choose the best applicable species, from the standard way to purchase seeds to ensure seed quality. Seeding before sowing to prevent and reduce the onset of pests and diseases. Disinfection methods are hot soup, seed soaking and dry heat disinfection.
  2. Mobile bed temperature and humidity control. Before emergence to maintain a high temperature and humidity (usually low temperature vegetables 22 °C or so, high temperature vegetables 30 °C or so) to promote the emergence of seedlings should be controlled after the water temperature control. If the temperature is too high, it is easy to form a long period of seedling, resulting in cabbage and other leafy vegetables pumping, at the moment, we should ventilate to prevent mobile seedbed maintaining high humidity and to prevent roasted seedlings, retting roots and other seedling disease attack. If the temperature is too low, it is easy to affect the seedling growth and development process, and even the formation of stiff seedlings. The temperature is too low, at the moment, we should take warming measures promptly, cover the grass thatch and conduct other insulation actions.
  3. Mobile seed bed reasonable light. Even cloudy days or rainy days should be exposing early cover grass curtain, insulation was covered, so that the seedlings received more scattered light, but also can adopt artificial light method. Even Yin sunny or sunny after the rain, it should be opened from the external insulation cover, so that seedlings gradually adapt to the light, to prevent plant wilting. When the wilting performance occurs, it can be sprayed on the plant or foliar fertilizer.
  4. Low temperature refining seedlings. 7-10 days before planting, should strengthen the ventilation cooling, control sprinkler, and gradually remove the cover for low temperature refining, improve the ability of wheat seedlings to adapt to the external environment. Do not overtake the seedlings and avoid causing the seedlings.
  5. Pest control
    Spring is pests and diseases prone and prone time, pest control to follow the "prevention, induction prevention and control" of the plant protection policy. In the vegetable before planting, the adoption of physical, chemical and biological induction and control methods for greenhouse insecticide disinfection, such as high temperature boring shed, spraying biological or chemical pesticides. In the process of growing vegetables, high humidity is an important factor causing pests and diseases, should pay attention to control the greenhouse humidity, according to the climate and greenhouse environment changes, appropriate ventilation and dehumidification and other technical methods to prevent disease attacks. To strengthen the speculation of vegetable pests and diseases, in the early stages of timely drug control, strengthen the field management, timely removal of old leaves, diseased leaves, diseased plants, to prevent disease extension.

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