What Should I Pay Attention To?

In the mobile seedling bed above nursery is generally carried out with nursery plugs, then use the mobile seedling nursery need to pay attention to what the problem? We come together and nursery experts to learn about.

  • Mobile seedbed with the substrate can not be low water content, or can not be compaction, seed after planting easy "hat" unearthed.
  • The amount of matrix fertilizer can not be too large, the fertilizer can not exceed 0.2% of the weight of the matrix, urea can not do fertilizer, or unfavorable emergence.
  • The germination period attention to the temperature of the germination chamber, the entire ambient temperature is difficult to guarantee, after sowing should be moved in the top of the hole above the plug bed plastic film insulation.
  • In the water and fertilizer management should always pay water, hot days when a day to fill, or a day two fill.
  • The late growth of seedlings, matrix nutrient deficiency, available 100 grams of urea, 40 grams of potassium dihydrogen phosphate plus 15 kg of water into a simple nutrient solution for spraying compensation.
  • Plug the best selection of pellets of tomato seedlings, in order to protect the seedlings, but also save the seeds, saving labor.
  • Mobile seedling plant plugs to cultivate 4-5 leaves of tomato seedlings is appropriate, too large, the seedlings crowded, growing bad.

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