How to Cultivate Vegetables and Seedlings on Mobile Bed?

First of all to strengthen the nursery bed low temperature exercise. Especially to control the lower night temperature, to maintain a certain temperature difference between day and night. Seedlings 7 to 10 days before planting, but also to strengthen the low temperature exercise, temperature control water, improve the ability of seedlings to adapt to low temperature.

Second, it is necessary to increase the light receiving time of the seedlings and improve the light intensity, and enhance the photosynthesis of the seedlings. May be appropriate to open the grass curtain, shade and other inner cover, to keep the film, glass and other outer cover clean, and spraying photosynthetic nutrition film fertilizer, improve photosynthesis, increase the light intensity of seedbed.

Finally, to control the mobile bed bed humidity. Mobile seedling bed humidity, seedling body water content, cell fluid concentration decreased, seedlings susceptible to freezing. To strengthen the ventilation, reduce the nursery bed humidity. Bed soil moisture is too high, you can sprinkle a layer of dry fine soil or ash ash moisture, thickness of about 0.5 cm, sprinkle dry soil or vegetation ash do not touch the foliage and seedling growth point, when the seedlings leaves dry.

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