Seedbed Net Galvanized Reason

In fact, the use of galvanized seedbed network is to prevent corrosion, for a long time, the reason why the hot dip galvanized steel, zinc is small in the corrosive environment to form a good corrosion resistance of the film. It not only protects the zinc layer itself, but also protects the copper base. Therefore, the hot dip galvanized steel, greatly extending the service life. The service life and the coating and a total of the environment around the calendar.

  • Chemical corrosion
    Chemical corrosion is the direct chemical interaction of metals with the surrounding media. For example, dry (absolutely anhydrous) gas and non-conductive liquid medium (non-electrolyte), the chemical effect on the zinc are known as the typical chemical corrosion.
  • Electrochemical corrosion
    Electrochemical corrosion refers to the corrosion of metals caused by the flow of electrons in moist gases and conductive liquid media (electrolytes). For example, the corrosion of zinc in acids, alkalis, salt solutions and seawater, and the atmospheric corrosion of zinc in humid air are all electrochemical. If the atmosphere is not contaminated, the concentration of the acidic medium is very low. Specifically, when pH> 5.2, corrosion may result in insoluble compounds such as zinc hydroxide (Zn (OH) 2), zinc oxide Or zinc carbonate (ZnCO3). These corrosion products precipitate in the form of precipitates and form a dense film with a typical thickness of up to 8 microns. This film has both sufficient thickness and good adhesion, and does not readily dissolve in water, therefore, to prevent corrosion, it is extremely important.

If the zinc coating is not damaged at all, it prevents the corrosive medium from contacting the iron surface. In this way, it acts as a preservative just as any other protective layer. It is for some reason that the destruction of the zinc coating, leaving the surface of the iron exposed to a few individual parts, zinc will serve as the iron-zinc micro-anodes of his anode, the electrochemical action still protects the iron.

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