How to Remove the Mold in the Greenhouse

  1. Mobile seed bed hand wheel in the "power switch" closed intermittent heating, pressurized, and then put aside I ~ 2min. And then turn the handwheel in a counterclockwise direction for 2 to 3 weeks.
  2. Turn the nut counterclockwise until the cover is pulled and the feed opening is opened.
  3. Turn the clockwise direction to move the seedbed hand wheel, so that the upper and lower mold with the sample rise until the specimen completely out of the feeding mouth, there are some under the mold also out of the feed mouth intermittent, that is, the sample demold is finished.
  4. With a stick tapping the sample, so that the sample and the next mold off, with pliers will be set with a good sample down.
  5. Will be removed from the sample was examined up, on the mobile bed hand wheel operation platform for further cooling. Until the seedbed handwheel touch slightly warm intermittent.
  6. With a hard metal needle in the bakelite carved on the sample symbols, such as sample number, etc., and the sample into the dryer to rust.
  7. With the hair brush will be around the mouth and the upper and lower mold brush clean, and then on the mold is not on the mold, rolling mobile bed hand wheel so that all down the mold sleeve, and then cover the cover.

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