Production Method of Ebb and Flow Rolling Tables

The development of greenhouse technology, to promote the rapid development of domestic and foreign agricultural greenhouse, cultivation and breeding technology for vegetables, fruits and flowers are no longer affected by seasonal and geographical constraints, greatly enriched people's daily life. The greenhouse technology has been a huge development, if the use of artificial greenhouse in greenhouse operations need to increase the height of greenhouse, greenhouse construction investment cost increases, but also in foreign countries, due to high labor costs, automatic greenhouse technology has been gradually extended.

In recent years, the domestic labor costs are also rising, people are increasingly demanding on the working environment, greenhouse automation has gradually become the trend of development. The design of a mobile and flexible, simple operation, convenient installation of tide type irrigation with special container frame to track the use of large area cultivation and management, to provide content based utility model for users to realize automation management, classification of seedling.

Through the following technical solutions to solve the above technical problems:

A ebb and flow rolling tables includes end frame, side frame, end support, guide beam, beam roller group. The end frame before and after the tide type irrigation bed frame of A. The side of the border in the tidal irrigation bed frame around a. The end face frame is mutually connected with the end part of the side frame, and a plurality of beams are arranged between the end face frames. The end of the end frame of the beams before and after connected, there are two of the guide beam is arranged between the end frame, two end frames before and after the end of the guide beam before and after the installation of the roller group is in two the guide bar. An end support is arranged between the two side frames of the left side and the right side of the beam and the beam which is closest to each other. Two groups of the roller group installed each of said guide bar. The installation of one of the guide bar on the two groups of the roller group group with 4 roller bearing. Install another of the guide bar on the two groups of the roller group nylon wheel roller group. The end frame, side frame, end support, between the guide beam and a beam connection for welding. In the process of implementation, the end frame, a side frame, end support, guide beams and beams using Aluminum Alloy material.

Ebb and flow rolling tables adopts the end frame, side frame, end support beam, making the tide type irrigation bed frame, simple structure, the bed frame is also provided with a guide wheel, the crossbeam and the roller group, in actual use, this framework is placed in a special bed guide rail can achieve better mobility the purpose of.

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