Greenhouse Mobile Seedling Greenhouse Vegetable Production Increasing Measures

  1. The use of a reasonable shed-type structure. Plastic shed greenhouse shed more, different performance, production is based on local climatic conditions, planting season, production level and economic base, the rational choice of shed type, which is to ensure that the greenhouse vegetable yield, quality and efficiency of the key measures.
  2. Selection of suitable varieties of greenhouse cultivation. The use of plastic greenhouse cultivation of vegetables, the more stringent requirements of the species. Winter warm plastic greenhouse cultivation of cucumber, to use low temperature, low light varieties; spring plastic greenhouse cultivation of winter and spring vegetables, to use the early selection of low temperature, low light, early maturity, late to adapt to high temperature environment, disease resistance, high yield Of varieties; greenhouse delayed cultivation, to choose the early high temperature, disease resistance, the late low temperature, and the results are more concentrated species.
  3. promote grafting seedling technology. Greenhouse vegetables using grafted seedlings, can overcome obstacles to soil continuous cropping, root canal disease prevention and control, and can effectively promote root development and improve root tolerance to low temperature, thereby enhancing plant disease resistance. Grafted seedlings on cucumber wilt disease control effect are generally more than 90%, the total output increased more than 20% from root seedlings.
  4. Lighting technology.
  5. Multi-layer coverage. Multi-layer coverage is an effective measure to prevent frost damage.
  6. Application of plant growth regulators.
  7. Application of increased bacteria.
  8. Application of rare earth. Rare earth can promote root germination, increase chlorophyll content, promote the growth and development of fruit organs.

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