Main Problems of Seedling Tray

Rapid seedling raising techniques of root control: the four major problems in seedling breeding industry

Rapid seedling root control technology is a new breeding method to regulate plant root growth as the core, which is composed of scientific formula control design principle of unique and special root seedling container seedling substrate, and the auxiliary control technique of root cultivation. Seedling period was shortened by about 50%, the late management to reduce the workload of 50%-70%, the total number of plants and increase 20-30 times than that of the conventional seedling roots, and solve the problem of difficult to plant seedling transplanting seasons, was praised as "mobile forest".

From the beginning of the last century in 80s, widespread application of this technology in Australia, New Zealand, Europe, the United States, Japan and other countries and regions, in 90s China Academy of science and technology personnel in the forestry system to adapt to the improvement of the product Chinese breeding technology.

  1. Full crown transplanting technology problem of forest seedlings
    The conventional green seedlings transplanting, must cut branch to the crown, otherwise it is difficult to survive. Rapid seedling root control technology using special seedling container to control root growth, promote capillary root growth, the formation of coarse and short developed root system, and the quantity of root, adequate nutrition, trees vigorous growth, seedling, transplanting non root, do not pack does not need to be beheaded, lopping, picking off leaves, can be completely full crown transplanting seedlings, known as mobile forest.
  2. Technical problems of survival rate
    The unique design of the root controlling container not only good ventilation performance, but also has the unique function to prevent root rot and root wound, and the dual role of root control special matrix, the seedlings needed to get good control of water and fertilizer, root controlling container convenient disassembly, when transplanting, not to hurt the roots, so the transplanting survival rate of up to 100%, and the late management costs can be reduced by 50-70%.
  3. Four seasons can transplant technical problems
    The cultivation of seedlings, seedling is not, not to hurt the roots, not dehydration, root controlling container disassembly, easy transportation, convenient carrying far, save, and four transplanting, the survival rate is high.
  4. Solved the technical problem of quick update of orchard
    The orchard renewal needs at least 5 years, the root control technology in seedling free, 2-3 years, up to 4 centimeters in diameter, crown diameter up to 1 meters, has been able to blossom, a small amount of the beginning of the results, not to hurt the roots and transplanting for seedlings, next year can be a large number of results, such as to ensure the update period in the orchard, farmers income reduction, while ensuring pure seedling varieties.

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