Greenhouse Nursery Bed – High Bed and Low Bed

  1. High bed
    A greenhouse nursery bed above the ground is called the high bed, till after the trail of soil found in the bed, the bed is generally higher than the ground 1530 cm; about 100 of a 120 cm wide bed, the bed surface we can improve soil aeration, improve soil, increase soil layer thickness, and facilitate lateral irrigation and drainage. Suitable for the southern rainy regions of our country, the cat, soil easy to water or low-lying areas of poor conditions and good drainage of the species such as pine, Pinus, Mulan etc..
  2. Low bed
    Greenhouse nursery bed surface is not higher than the ground, and the bed is higher than the surface of the ground 15 cm, bed width of 30 - 40 cm, bed surface of about 100 a CM 120, low bed for irrigation, suitable for low temperature and dry nursery. For like wet medium and small seed trees such as sycamore, Metasequoiaglyptostroboides, for Beijing mockorange. In the north and northwest of China, the low bed seedling.

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