Greenhouse Life

Due to the long-term greenhouse operation in high temperature, high humidity environment, the surface of the component corrosion has become one of the important factors affecting greenhouse service life. Steel greenhouse, the main structure of the force generally used thin-walled steel, its anti-corrosion ability is poor, the use of the greenhouse must be hot-dip galvanized surface corrosion treatment, coating thickness of 150 to 200 microns or more, can guarantee the use of 15 years life. For wood structures or welded steel truss structure greenhouse, we must ensure that once a year surface corrosion treatment.

Greenhouse construction must take into account its durability. The durability of greenhouse is influenced by factors such as the aging resistance of greenhouse materials and the carrying capacity of the main structure of greenhouse. In addition to its own strength, the light-transmitting material's durability also shows that the light transmittance of the material decays with time, and the attenuation of the light transmittance is the decisive factor that affects the service life of the light-transmitting material. General steel greenhouse life in more than 15 years. Requirements of design wind, snow load with 25 years once the maximum load; Bamboo simple greenhouse life of 5 to 10 years, design wind, snow load with 15 years once the maximum load.

Horticulture & Greenhouse Facilities

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