Introduction of the Technique of Cultivating Impatiens on Movable Seedbed

  1. Planting: generally in spring sowing in March and April. Can be sown on the moving bed, or directly in the courtyard flower bed. The seedlings grow fast, timely transplanting, after 1 times after transplantation in the early June planting garden. If delayed sowing, seedlings on the pot, the National Day flower.
  2. Watering and fertilization: mobile bed after planting should be timely irrigation /. Growth period should pay attention to watering, often keep the soil moist, especially in the summer to be more water, but not water and soil over a long period of wet. If more rain should pay attention to drainage, otherwise the root and stem rot easily. After planting fertilization to pay attention to not to be dry and wet. Summer should not be in the hot sun to wilting plant watering. Especially in the flowering period, not affected by drought, otherwise easy to flower.
  3. Light and temperature: Hi light, also shade, every day to receive at least 4 hours of scattered sunlight. Shading in summer to prevent the temperature is too high and the sun exposure. The suitable growth temperature is 16 to 26 DEG C, and the ambient temperature should be controlled at more than 10 degrees. Winter into the greenhouse, to prevent cold.
  4. Florescence control: if to delay flowering, seed sowing in early July. Also can use the method of extraction and pinching, flowers and buds of early flowering, plant growing, every 15 to 20 days according to 1 times.9 months after the formation of more buds, make them blossom in National Day.

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