Composition of Electroplating Solution on the Surface of Seedbed Net

The composition of the plating solution has an important influence on the structure of the coating.

  1. The salt can be deposited on the cathode and the salt of the metal coating is required.
  2. Complexing agent, which can form complex with metal ions in the solution.
  3. Conductive material, which can improve the conductivity of the solution, and can not be used for the discharge of metal ions.
  4. Buffer used to stabilize the pH of the solution, especially the pH near the cathode surface.
  5. Stabilizer to prevent the hydrolysis of the main salt or metal ions in the bath solution to keep the solution clear and stable.
  6. The anode activator, which can eliminate or reduce the anode polarization in the electroplating process, can promote the normal dissolution of the anode and improve the anode current density.
  7. Additives, which have a very low content in the plating solution, but have a significant influence on the properties of the coating and the coating. Such as brightener, leveling agent, wetting agent, stress relief agent, coating refining agent, anti fog agent, etc.

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