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Root control fast seedling container is a kind of new growth in the regulation of Root Seedling Technology, to prevent root rot and root of the coil has a unique effect. Root controlling container can make thick and short root shape. Do not form wound packing, overcomes the defects of the container seedling bring roots, total root volume increased 30-50 times, seedling survival rate reached more than 98%, shorten the breeding cycle half after transplanting management to reduce the workload of more than 50%, in addition to the container can make the seedling roots robust, grow strong, especially for big seedling planting afforestation and transplanting and transplanting season under bad conditions, has obvious advantages.

The root container is made up of 3 parts

  1. Effect of extraneous roots: controlling root seedling container wall with a layer of film, and the top of the side wall of the container, the outstanding external alternately provided with air holes, when the seedling root growth (outward and downward contact with air holes on the side wall of the inner wall or any part), then stop the growth in the apical apical, then back out 3 adorable a new root to outward and downward growth, when exposed to air (small holes on the side wall of the inner wall or any part), and stop the growth and in the apical rear up 3 new roots. In this way, the number of roots with 3 progression, greatly increased the number of lateral roots of short and thick, root total than conventional field seedling increased by 20-30 times.
  2. Effect: General seedling root control technology, long taproot, lateral root development. Using conventional container seedling raising method, the root of seedling root is very common. Root control technology can make the root shape of short and thick, development in large quantities, while limiting the growth of the main root, the root will not form wound.
  3. Growth process: the root controlling container with the matrix effects, the development of strong seedlings, can store large amounts of nutrients to meet the growing demand for early seedling planting, seedling survival and growth conditions to create a good. When transplanting, not to hurt the roots, not beheaded, not limited by season, management procedures are simple, high survival rate, fast growth.

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