What Are the Characteristics of Mobile Seedbeds?

Moving bed is mainly by the bracket, roll axis, vertical and horizontal support, seedbed net, frame, hand wheel composition;

Standard and diverse, can be customized according to greenhouse standards;

Which is characterized by movable, can increase the useful use of greenhouse area;

The use of life depends on the use of materials, the general quality of good mobile bed life of about 20 years

Common in the metal structure of the commercialization of the bed, the bed can be so transparent structure. Moving bed due to a large limit to reduce the greenhouse walkway occupied area, so that the cultivation area has reached a very large. The incubation bed can be settled longitudinally, or it can be settled horizontally, but no matter what kind of settlement, only need to leave a "walkway", the use of mobile seed bed can be useful to increase the use of greenhouse space to 90%.

The main structure of the material selection of aluminum alloy frame.

Conventional grid for the 130 mm × 30 mm (length × width), hot galvanized material, anti-corrosion function, bearing capacity can be good, long life

Can move left and right long distance, height direction can be fine-tuning.

With anti-deflecting limit equipment, to prevent the tilt caused by the bias caused by doubt.

There can be about 0.6 (or 0.8) meters of working path between any two seed beds.

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