Case of Severe Weather for Seedbed Management

In the early spring nursery process, it is easy to encounter row of the atmosphere; therefore, according to the situation, not to take remedial measures to avoid damage to seedlings.

  • Low temperature Lianyin weather: before the seedlings unearthed in the face of continuous low temperature cold atmosphere when the night to maximize the coverage. If it is hotbed nursery, should pay attention to improve the ground temperature, in general, the white should open the cover, as much as possible to increase the bed light. After the seedlings are unearthed, the seedbed can not be exposed for a long time, but should be opened at noon when the temperature of the cover to light through the light, to prevent the seedlings leggy. At the same time to keep the film clean. At any time to drop the dew on the film, so as to maintain a good light transmission. The best choice of no drip film nursery; conditional can be considered artificial light supplement.
  • Rain and snow weather: rain or snow before the need to strengthen the scaffolding, snow after the timely removal of nursery shed cover on the cover of snow to prevent rain and snow over the collapse of the scaffolding. When the seedling bed humidity is too large and can not be ventilated, you can withdraw a layer of dry soil in the bed or ash.
  • Under the fog weather: fog air humidity, light is poor, melon seedlings leaf easily water. Lead to broken down, anthrax and other diseases. So the use of opaque cover to seal the seedbed, fog spread in time to open, so that the bed to accept the light and timely ventilation and humidity, while spraying agents to prevent anthrax and quenching disease occurred.
  • Long shade sunny weather: continuous rainy weather will lead to weakened resistance to seedlings, if the weather suddenly clear, the bed will make a sharp rise in temperature, so that seedlings quickly dehydrated and wilting, serious will die, so Long Yin mule sunny, we should pay attention to let the brain bed gradually see the light, so that the temperature slowly raised the bed, so that seedlings gradually adapt, can not be in the sunny day immediately after the cover all opened. Once the seedlings appear wilting, should immediately cover the grass curtain shade, until the seedlings return to normal and then gradually opened, if necessary, can be sprayed about 20 ° warm water for the seedlings to add water.
  • Winds, cold weather: when encountered windy weather, it is best not to ventilate. To prevent the wind "sweep" bad melon seedlings or scraping film. At this time should be thin film around the pressure. Encounter cold, if the sun during the day, you should open the grass to see the bed to see the light to increase the seedbed temperature, but the film should be pressure. If it is cloudy, when opened the curtain after the bed temperature drop significantly, you can not reveal the grass. But should be short before and after noon curtain, at night to thicken the cover.

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