About of Ebb and Flow Rolling Tables

Ebb and flow rolling tables is a bed for the cultivation bed plastic structure. The bed surface of the utility model is made of a plastic seedling plate which is made of plastic. Ebb and flow rolling tables adopts the basic and commercialization of mobile metal structure of the same column, the cultivation bed support, the bed surface is formed by molding the impermeable plastic tray. Irrigation, seedling tray filled with water or nutrient solution, and the retention of a certain period of time. To enable the plant to absorb water through the drainage holes at the bottom of the flowerpot. After the irrigation water out of the cultivation bed, or collection and reuse, or directly into the local sewer.

Ebb and flow rolling tables is a kind of mobile seedbed for potted plants grown in nutrient solution or container seedling and soilless culture design of bottom water irrigation. In this way, the principle of gap is used to realize timing water supply and fertilizer application.

A large number of domestic and foreign experimental studies show that the use of tidal irrigation method of crops, its growth is significantly better than artificial irrigation methods. Not only can reduce the occurrence of leaf and leaf necrosis fold, but also can reduce the water consumption of up to 33%, increase water use efficiency of 40%. Because of the absence of shower in tidal irrigation, it can reduce the use of nitrogen by 30%~35%, and improve the utilization efficiency of nitrogen.

Ebb and flow rolling tables irrigation nutrient solution recycling equipment system is composed of circulating nutrient solution system, operation control system, disinfection system and aeration device.

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