A Hydroponic Technology Introduction

Hydroponics is the use of modern bio engineering technology, the use of physical, chemical and biological engineering, the common plants and flowers were domesticated. Because carry and care for the convenient cheap and clean, flower and leaf growth healthy, can reach them all picture. Water culture in China is still in its infancy. Due to widely loved by the people. It will occupy an increasingly large share in China's flower market, now flower industry is a sunrise industry in China's national economy as a whole, is an important part of green technology. And the annual output value reached 60 billion yuan. With the expansion of production scale in our country waterflower, market share will be further expanded, and there are 1/3 waterflower can enter the international market, China's flower industry export break a new path.

  • Selection apparatus
    According to your desire for flower hydroponic plant material varieties, specifications, color and shape, the specific conditions, and can choose the varieties of flowers against each other, complementary alternative bottles, pots, cylinders, and other equipment, according to the choice of instruments mentioned in the hydroponics principle, purchase or processing made, making use of appropriate view elegant, must not be used for appliances conveniently used, indiscriminate use, so as not to affect the image of hydroponics and interior decoration is beautiful, flowers and the living environment has equipment to achieve unity and harmony, to achieve the ideal ornamental effect.
  • Soil washing root
    Here the indoor flower cultivation, mainly refers to the hydroponic soil cultivation technology, so we must do the work of montmorillonite washing root. As we all know, soil cultivation is the organic nutrition, instead of water after thoroughly changed into inorganic nutrition cultivation, the soil organic matter and attached to the root should be strictly clean, so as not to affect the normal growth and insect infection and hydroponics.
    • The method of washing roots is: the flower plants selected, or dug out from the pot gently poured out from the soil, with the right hand left hand light stems, light supporting roots, for a right hand shake gently, gently tap, the root soil showing off all roots. Then the water soak 15-20 minutes, with soft hands gently wash the root after water cleaning for 2-3 times, until the roots without soil, root washing water is clear and transparent with sand to wash. But we must pay great attention to the hard disk, some flower root, torsion and many wrong section, dirt in the gap, the necessary available bamboo or wooden sticks, dug up a screwdriver. We must do a little dirt left, this is one of the most important aspects of successful culture, must not be negligent.
    • Wash the soil, according to flower root growth, the appropriate cut off roots, roots and old leaves and yellow leaves. Because of the same root flower water culture is an important part of ornamental, so finishing root will be taken into consideration in the form of beauty, the leaf and root pruning, and then wash it again in the water, left to rush to cut the hair residue, so as not to cause the pollution into the water appliances.
  • Root disinfection
    After cleaning the root system, 0. 1% of the Potassium Permanganate aqueous solution, placed in plastic or enamel basin, the amount of solution can be determined according to the number of flowers soaked, can be soaked a few plants or multiple flowers, to drown all the roots as the standard. After being soaked for 10-15 minutes, take out the flowers and plants, and then rinse them in clean water. Note that the root disinfection time can not be too long or too short, Potassium Permanganate solution can not be too thick or too thin. The appropriate ratio in addition to the balance of balance, mainly depends on the experience of preparation and see the color of the solution is purplish red {set}.
  • Scientific planting
    The vase planting, if it is because of the thick glass vase, glass has a certain weight, can be put straight root flower vase, the flowers not to erect, the bottle around with fixed stones or pebbles, after 2/3 water can be poured into the bottle body, pay attention to the roots stretch. If the plastic vase, the texture is very light, even if the water is also very difficult to support the flower plants, causing top-heavy and lodging. Therefore, for such instruments before planting the first time with a certain number of bottles, in order to increase the weight of the vase, flower vase can be put after or before implantation.

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