A Hydroponic Plant Fixed Introduction

  • Bubble stone method
    Floor cushion foam, method of root pressing. For larger plant more root flowers, must use a deep pot cylinder. Before planting in the pelvic floor cushion some foam blocks, in pebble or pinned clamped radish, let the upright, then slowly poured into the water to drown, big root shall prevail. Such as spring, flower etc..
  • Support support method
    Support support method. For small plant type or erect flowers to view it, better not to take root, root bottom pressure method can be used to support the law, the supporting frame with bamboo or wire according to the size and shape of the basin, up and down or fixed around the support of flower plants without lodging. Such as Clivia, Guangdong Wannianqing etc..
  • Foam sealing
    Foam sealing. For the use of small exposures, cups, bottles of mineral water processed, disposable plastic cups and other utensils, planting small hydroponic flowers, after the flower into the container, according to the size of the cup made of 2.5 round stem volume hole foam stuck in the cup stem fixed, foam board to tie some small holes with chopsticks, to facilitate ventilation. Pour water into both.
  • Column climbing method
    Column climbing method. Homemade column, end into the bottom, put the flower into the cylinder so that the root is fixed on the upright post around, with the base and the root on the pebble column, with strings in the climbing stems on the column, which can be poured into the water. Such as green baskets, wo fruit taro, Philodendron etc..
  • Flower fish polyculture method
    Flower fish polyculture method. The use of large glass fish tank, aquarium decoration in small rockery, gravel, stone laying in the bottom, under the rocks of the layout, planting and silhouetted against each other, complement each other flower hydroponic plants, such as Zongzhu, white butterfly Wo fruit taro, sunshade etc.. The flowers erect, slender stems of the nylon rope can be fixed in the rocks on the body. After trimming of the cylinder body slowly into the water when the tap water, can not remember the rocks and flowers and plants. To pour the water foot cylinder 2/3, make its clarification for half an hour, left out of the water in the decoration debris, after 24 hours, depending on the size of the tank, add 2-3 goldfish.
  • Planting basket method
    Planting basket method. The method is similar to that of the pot method. Cost is high, has been eliminated
  • Pot method
    Pot method. The use of two different sizes of different sets of pots stacked together. The outside of the pot is no bottom pot, the inner pot for a plurality of holes. First, the nutrient solution is poured into the outer pot, and the flowers are planted in the basin. In the outer basin. Planting basket method. The method is similar to that of the pot method. Cost is high, has been eliminated

Hydroponics with other cultivation, also need certain management. The management of technology and soil cultivation or substrate cultivation compared, although management is simple, technology is not very complicated, but in the whole culture process, strengthen scientific management is very important, is the key to the success of hydroponics.

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