Vegetables are cultivated on the multilayer ebb and flow benches.
Overall structure of the multilayer ebb and flow bench

Multilayer Ebb and Flow Benches for Maximum Vertical Space Utilization

Multilayer ebb and flow benches are a kind of greenhouse benches especially suitable for vertical growing.

Similar to ebb and flow benches, it also consists of ABS bench trays and is widely used in greenhouse cultivation. The main difference lays the number of ebb and flow benches. It generally consists of two and above layers to improve its cultivation space and production yield.

It can be designed to be both mobile and stationary type and all sizes are customized to perfectly meet your cultivation demands.

  • It optimizes your growing space in vertical direction and creates more growing area.
  • It can simply double or triple your yields by increasing the number of bench trays in limited space.
  • Plants are always watered very evenly as well as being fully fertilized.
  • It greatly reduces your labor, water and fertilizer costs and improve your profits.
  • It can easily control relative humidity, lighting and carbon dioxide level in the growing environment.
  • Most plants grown on ebb & flow benches tend to finish 1 to 2 weeks earlier than other irrigation systems.
  • Both mobile and stationary types are available in all sizes.
  • Material
    • Ebb and flow tray: ABS plastic.
    • Frame: 6063-T5 aluminum profile.
    • Corner bracket: ABS
    • Track transport line: marine grade aluminum profile.
    • Middle cross beam: hot-dip galvanized steel tube.
    • Wheel beam: hot-dip galvanized steel tube.
    • Supporting stand: hot-dip galvanized steel tube.
  • Size
    As every customer has his own requirements for this bench, such as the number of layers and tray sizes. Therefore, there is no standard size, all sizes are available upon request.
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