Seedling plants are cultivated on the automatic ebb & flow bench.
Track transport line for automatic ebb & flow bench

Automatic Ebb & Flow Benches for Efficient and Streamline Production

Automatic ebb and flow benches are the most advanced and efficient greenhouse cultivation system in modern times.

It is a specially designed ebb and flow benches equipped with shuttle vehicles and track transport lines. Shuttle vehicles ride underneath the rolling benches and takes the round pipes as rails. The computer control system can move the individual rolling bench to the track transport line via the shuttle bench. The track transport lines are designed to ensure that the rolling bench moves between rows and connects the growing area to the work area. In this way, the automatic plant nursery is realized.

Automatic ebb and flow benches maximize the space utilization while improving the survival and growth rate of seedlings.

  • It maximizes the utilization space and is especially suitable for large scale production.
  • It greatly reduces the concurrence of gangrene and buckling leaves to improve the survival and growth rate of seedlings.
  • It can easily control relative humidity, lighting and carbon dioxide level in the growing environment.
  • It greatly reduces the labor costs and provides a high precision and efficient operation to maximize the production efficiency.
  • It greatly saves water and nutrient solution and makes the fertilization more economic and efficient.
  • Compatible with many computer control systems and various specifications are available to meet different demands.
  • Ebb and flow tray: ABS plastic.
  • Frame: 6063-T5 aluminum profile.
  • Corner bracket: ABS
  • Track transport line: marine grade aluminum profile.
  • Middle cross beam: hot-dip galvanized steel tube.
  • Wheel beam: hot-dip galvanized steel tube.
  • Supporting stand: hot-dip galvanized steel tube.
Table 1: Technical Data of Automatic Ebb & Flow Bench
Bench type Automatic ebb & flow bench
Single bench size (W × L) 4' × 8', 4' × 10', 5' × 10', 5' × 12', etc.
Bench tray height 1.18", 2.95", 4.92", etc.
Color Bench and frame are sliver, bench tray is gray. Other colors are available upon request.
UV-resistant Yes
Zinc coating 500 g/m2
Load capacity 450–500 N/m2 (45–50 kg/m2)
Lifespan 20 years
Notes: The actual size of the automatic ebb & flow bench depends on the size of your nursery. Please contact us for professional tips.

Automatic ebb & flow benches streamline all the production process and are especially used for large scale production of seedlings, flowers, vegetables, herbs and crops.

They are widely used in

  • Large scale greenhouses.
  • Seedling nursery bases.
  • Commercial glasshouses.
  • Flower production bases.
  • Vegetable production bases.
  • Retail and institutional uses.

For herb production base

For seedling nursery greenhouse

For vegetable production base

For flower nursery base

For orchid nursery base

For commercial greenhouses

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